The S.A. Bailey Project
S.A. Bailey is a writer, blogger, semi-professional gun nut, and accidental satirist. A former paratrooper and veteran of the U.S. Army, he served in Iraq with E Co 51st Infantry, Long Range Surveillance. He likes good food, strong drink, dogs, and not much else. He grew up in East Texas and currently lives in Dallas, where he is plotting his escape.

“The S.A. Bailey Project is a running commentary and social media experiment. Think of it as an open ended conversation on guns, food, philosophy, art, politics, and whatever else I fucking feel like. It is also a public chronicaling of my story, as I attempt to unfuck my various issues- obesity, various addictions, chronic pain, and sometimes crippling depression, while trying to scratch out a living doing the various things I do. I am a writer, a veteran, an intermittent drunkard, an occasional glutton, full time foodie, and semi-professional gun guy. I am a work in progress.” — S.A. Bailey