Border Wall

There is little doubt in my mind that of all the empty promises and shallow, idiotic ideas whose importance is misunderstood by pretty much everyone on both sides of the political aisle, nothing gets more bang for the buck than the much ballyhooed border wall with Mexico.

I have a hard time believing anyone with very many working brain cells would believe a wall would do much but make drug cartels dig bigger, better, more sophisticated tunnels. I want to say this right now before I get very far in this rant – if we were truly serious about making the border safer, we would end our idiotic, ridiculous, retarded, drug war, which has caused far more problems than it has solved, and accomplished almost nothing but the intense nurturing and strengthening of evil, and offer annexation to neighboring Mexican states. Go straight to them, ask the people. Fuck Mexico City. Fuck the President of Mexico. The Mexican people are absolutely wonderful. Pound for pound I probably respect the average Mexican ten fold more than I do the average Americano.

The Mexican people are as wonderful as they are poor.

But their governnment, and their politicians, are almost universally vile corrupt fucking scumbags. It has always been this way.
And it always will be.

As far as I’m concerned the current pro-longed state of the situation is proof actually endeavoring to build and American Empire might be a good idea.
But, I digress.

I’m getting away from myself here.

The wall.

Jesus, the unfunny, unscary, boring B horror movie of an idea just won’t fucking die.

Up to 40% of the the illegal aliens in America came here legally. They flew in via an airport, and simply overstayed. This is where the idea of the wall gets put to the lie.

Because what is really important to those who so desperately want the wall, isn’t keeping Mexicans out. The importance of the wall is what they believe it says. The wall is a symbol.

And no, it’s not a symbol of oppression or Nazism or communism or fascism.

Don’t be a fucking child. Treating those you with whom you disagree with condescenion and derision is exactly how the state of public discourse in this country got so fucking abysmal to begin with.

To those who want the wall, it is a symbol of strength.

Of the rule of law.

Of a small, but meaningful and efficient government that worked and protected it’s borders and it’s citizens.

To those who don’t want it, it is a symbol of fascism.

Of small minded, selfish, and regressive people.

Of needless, bullying, macho bluster, and hypocrisy from those who flaut themselves as fiscally conservative.

To those who came here legally, followed all the rules, jumped through all the hoops, waited their turn and did everything by the book, it is a symbol of all these things, but in reverse.

To me it is just another symbol of a tragically broken system, and yet another example of everything wrong with government.

Both ways.