Books By S.A. Bailey

Edge Of The City – Book 3, Just Released 4-3-2017

Edge of the City – S.A. Bailey

For years, south Dallas has been ruled by a corrupt caste of politicians who espouse populist rhetoric. Growing fat and rich while their constituents wallow in crime and poverty. Jebediah Shaw never wanted to make the city his home. It had never been more than a place to rest between wars. And now, working in that dark area between government and private business, he’s given an impossible task. To keep a man alive that everyone, including himself, has a reason to want dead while choosing sides in a Civil War no one even knows is happening. At the beginning of the end of the American empire, at the edge of what was and what will be, he knows in the end all a man has, all he has any control over, is his word and his work. He will do whatever it takes to complete his mission. Dallas, may never be the same.


The Lines We Cross – Book 2

The Lines We Cross – S.A. Bailey

All Jeb Shaw wants out of Dallas is to reconnect with his family and enjoy a nice, quiet high lonesome in a dark bar. He has heavy things to contemplate while recharging his long-drained batteries—some much needed and well-deserved R&R. It’s going better than expected…until violence interrupts his minor binge, embroiling those around him in a conspiracy spread across all lines of class, age, and race. A conspiracy generations in the making…


And The Rain Came Down – Book 1

And the Rain Came Down – S.A. Bailey

A roughneck, redneck, and brawler, Jebediah Shaw had a wild streak wider than a country mile when he left home, and he was happy to have a war to fight. Now, battle scarred and weary, he’s returned to the girl of his dreams and the small East Texas town he calls home. Jebediah is anxious to start the “real life” he’d promised himself in the desert of Iraq. Only the new demands of becoming a college student, husband, and provider soon prove to be a heavy burden while trudging away as the muscle for a local bondsman. It’s a handout of a job from an old friend. Even that can’t save him. Running down bail-jumpers and muscling deadbeat dads isn’t enough. Swarming in debt, consumed by his failures, staring his own demons in the face, and drowning in the widening gulf of despair he’s created with the woman he loves so dearly, he knows he’s going to lose it all. Then someone with too much money throws him a life preserver. In exchange for a simple task, one if the few he’s qualified for, he can be back on his feet. He takes it without question, knowing full well it can’t be that simple. Because in East Texas, a land on the ragged edge of the Old South, where Gothic mysticism collides violently with the rugged individualism of the Old West, nothing is ever quite what it seems, nothing is ever easy, and when it rains, it pours.