About S.A. Bailey

Hello, and welcome to the S.A. Bailey Project.

Or, this iteration of it.

Version 2.0, as it were. Or some such shit.


Anyway, for those new to me, the S.A. Bailey Project is a running commentary and social media experiment. Think of it as an open ended conversation on guns, food, philosophy, art, politics, and whatever else I fucking feel like. It is also a public chronicaling of my story, as I attempt to unfuck my various issues- obesity, various addictions, chronic pain, and sometimes crippling depression, while trying to scratch out a living doing the various things I do.

I am a writer, a veteran, an intermittent drunkard, an occasional glutton, full time foodie, and semi-professional gun guy.

I am a work in progress.


About me.


If you don’t know me, or don’t know what to think of me, the first thing you need to know is I’m fucking vulgar. If I meet you in public I’m not going to greet you with a string of Fuck Bombs in front of your children, but on my blog or on my show, you can best believe vulgarity will ensue.

The next thing is it is incredibly important for you to understand how I view the world, before you attempt to label my politics. Philosophically, I consider myself a rational individual anarchist. Since I also unfortunately dwell firmly in reality, I understand that man will never outgrow the need for government. I don’t tear up cities or set shit on fire that doesn’t belong to me. Most of those people are actually communists, and all of them are spoiled children.

For me, anarchism is an almost spiritual endeavor.

I’m not necessarily a walking crime wave, but I generally don’t give a fuck about the law. What I care about, is right, wrong, and living according to my code.¬†And that’s it.


My politics.


Politically, I consider myself what can only be called a Libertarian Jingoist. Which means I am just about the loneliest motherfucker on the political spectrum. I’m not necessarily pro-war, and I’m not knee-jerk anti-war. I just wish we’d do it right. But that’s a whole other long rant I’ll get to later, so….


Before you read or listen to anything I have to say about politics, know that I am, first, last, and always, an individualist. I’m not sure the loss of freedom is ever equitable, or worthwhile. Know that I see the world at the very beginning of two very long periods of social evolution.

One of these, is the Individual vs The Great Beast State. The other, is Civilization vs The Forces of Regression.

These two periods are happening right now. Mostly they parallel, sometimes too close for comfort, and occasionally they bump and even cross over.

Consider these two phases of global human social evolution against the backdrop of a world in a constant and near total state of war.

And in the midst of this turmoil, we are nation at the beginning of the end of empire, in a world approaching the acid rain washed dystopia of our dreams at a rate faster than we can conceive.

We are a soft, weak, decadent nation, with more ever widening chasms between neighbors. Some of us got lost in our search for equality and virtue nurturing weakness and glorifying victimization- so many with such easy lives they pull new genders out of thin air in a race to claim victory over nonexistent oppression. While others, just as ignorant, turned their backs on science and knowledge and reason.

We have come to a place in the American story where our political landscape and the state of our discourse is so hyperbolic and hysterical, the old moderates are the new independents.

So when I view politics today, I filter it through this lens.

Though I struggle with pragmatism and practicality, this is how I judge the daily kabuki theater playing on the 24 hours newsloop. People are only now starting to scratch the surface of how much social media, profiling, and lack of privacy are effecting us.

Choose your families, choose your tribes, choose your communities.

Choose them well.

By all means, vote, and engage in the political process. Do what you can, where you can to make your world a better, more beautiful, more meaningful place.

Remember that empires bleed out slowly.

Take solace in that.

It’s all we can do, here at the end of empire, on the edge of dystopia.